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Iceland - Berlitz

Iceland - Berlitz

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Published: 01 Apr 2017
144 pages
size: 145 x 105 x 9

Berlitz Publishing
A termék tulajdonságai
The Berlitz Iceland Pocket Guide covers all the main sights, area by area, in an easily navigable format. Tourist attractions described include Reykjavik's Hallgrimskirkja Church, Culture House and City Hall, the immense ice fields and glacial lagoons of Vatnajokull and Hofn, the Godafoss and Gullfoss waterfalls, and places for outdoor bathing such as the Blue Lagoon. A guide is given to Iceland's many outdoor activities including snowmobiling, climbing, horseriding, whale watching and walking. The book also contains background historical information, advice on shopping and entertainment and the low-down on eating out. There is an A-Z of practical information, listings of recommended hotels and restaurants and useful expressions in Icelandic. You can read special features on topics ranging from the country's birdlife to the Sagas. Maps show Reykjavik, Eastern Iceland and Western Iceland, and there are dozens of colour photographs throughout.

Maps: Reykjavik; Eastern Iceland; Western Iceland.
Introduction; A Brief History.
Where to Go: Reykjavik; The Blue Lagoon; The Golden Circle; The Westman Islands; The South Coast; The North Coast; Lakes, Volcanoes, Canyons and Falls; Eastern Iceland; The West Fjords; The West Coast; The Interior.
What to Do: Outdoor Activities; Shopping; Nightlife; Activities for Children.
Eating Out; Handy Travel Tips; Hotels and Restaurants; Index.

Most visitors start and end their trip in Reykjavik, and many are surprised by how small and insubstantial it can seem. There is virtually no high-rise building, certainly there are no skyscrapers, and the use of corrugated iron and timber in many of the buildings makes them look almost temporary. In fact, the building materials and layout of the city are very practical and, like everything else in Iceland, are designed with the elements in mind. Half the country's population live in the capital, where they enjoy fresh air and a magnificent location between the bay and the mountains and glaciers of the interior. Apart from a few major roads around the edge of town, the streets are narrow and sometimes steep. Reykjavik is a delight, not just for what it has but for what it doesn't have: traffic jams, pollution, jostling crowds, busy commuters packing the buses and streets. After just a short while you come to realise that Reykjavik manages to have all the best sides of a city - the shops, restaurants, bars and museums - with few of the inconveniences that can make other capitals such hard work. And its manageable size means that almost everything you'll want to see is either within walking distance or a short bus or taxi ride away.
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