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Wales - Rough Guide

Wales - Rough Guide
  • Wales - Rough Guide
  • Wales - Rough Guide

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Kezdete: 2022.08.26   A készlet erejéig!
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472 pages - 58 maps
10th Edition
01 Feb 2022
Rough Guides
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From the seaside resort of Llandudno to Cardiff's awesome Millennium Stadium, the Rough Guide to Wales tells you all there is to know about this beautiful and varied country. The 24-page, full-colour section introduces all of Wales' highlights, from the world-famous Valleys and Welsh male voice choirs to the trendy bars of Cardiff Bay and the suprisingly tasteful delight of Welsh Laverbread. In addition, there are two, brand-new, 4-page, full-colour inserts: 'Literary Wales' and 'The Battle for Wales'. The guide includes hundreds of listings of the all the top places to eat, drink and stay, whatever your budget, plus brand-new 'author picks' to highlight the very best. There is plenty of practical advice on outdoor pursuits, including some of the best mountain and coastal walks, and activities from surfing on the Gower to rock-climbing in Snowdonia. The guide takes a detailed look at Wales' history and culture, from the Celts and druids to modern post-devolution politics. The guide comes complete with maps and plans for every region.
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