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Moscow - Berlitz

Moscow - Berlitz

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Published: 01 Jan 2017
144 pages
size: 144 x 103

Berlitz Publishing
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The worlda??s best-selling pocket guides have been fully revised and updated, featuring stunning new cover designs and freshly revised page layouts. This Berlitz Pocket Guide to Moscow provides all the information you need to enjoy this vibrant and multinational city. Clear colour-coded sections enable you to locate the information you need easily and full colour fold-out maps provide instant orientation wherever you are. The most popular attractions are highlighted and include St Basila??s Cathedral in Red Square, Kremlin; the world-famous riverside fortress, Pushkin Museum; a great classical and modern art museum and the fountains and sculptures of Victory Park. Moscow has undergone times of great political and social change; this guide provides a brief history and timeline of significant historical landmarks, so that you can truly gain an insight into the city. Moscow homes an array of museums, all of which are explored within this guide, such as the House Museum of Tolstoy and the Myakovsky Museum, along with contact details and opening times. Entertainment and nightlife is lively in Moscow and there is something for everyone; this guide provides information on everything from Ballet and Opera to the variety of clubs and how to get hold of tickets. Shopping, sports and childrena??s activities are also detailed, as well as a calendar of events detailing festivals, concerts and commemorative dates, ensuring you dona??t miss out on some of Moscowa??s most exciting cultural events. An a??Eating Outa?? section provides information on local specialities and useful Russian vocabulary for ordering food and drinks. Accommodation for all budgets is recommended, along with other practical travel tips. Beautiful colour photographs accompany the text throughout, making this guide a pleasure to read before, during and after your visit.
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