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Dominican Republic Travel Guide - Other Places*

Dominican Republic Travel Guide - Other Places*

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Paperback: 374 pages
Published: January 2012
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Commonly seen, but hardly known: this is the dichotomy of visiting the Dominican Republic. Travelers flock by the millions to enjoy its sunny beaches graced with palm trees and endless glasses of cuba libre. Yet few venture beyond the pristine confines of internationally-run resorts. Discover the unknown Dominican Republic as our writers introduce you to the Old World's first outpost in the New World.

Today, Dominicans are a modern mélange of African, European and Taino roots, mixing and matching the traditional and the contemporary to create a heady blend. Experience pan-Hemispheric fusion as you listen to the up-tempo beats of merengue and bachata, and sample pleasing Dominican fare like rice and beans and fried sweet plantains.

The Dominican Republic challenges the visitor with extraordinary geographic diversity: the picturesque deserts of the Southwest, pine-covered central mountains, lush tropical forests and idyllic beaches on every coast. Whether you come to explore centuries-old colonial ruins, climb the highest peak in the Caribbean, or find a surfer’s paradise, there is surely something to suit every interest. Be part of the adventure as we show you the rich culture and stunning natural beauty of the real Dominican Republic.

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