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Európa atlasz 2018 - Michelin

Európa atlasz 2018 - Michelin

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spirál atlasz
méret: A4
1: 1 000 000

Publication date 08 Jan 2018
336 oldal

A termék tulajdonságai
This A4 spiralbound Michelin Road Atlas to Europe incorporates easy-to-read mapping with several different maps of Europe and specific regions all at varying scales to give the best options for navigation and route planning. The colour-coding helps the reader to identify different countries/regions within the atlas and the 71 city plans offer a bit more street-level mapping for navigating around major cities. There is also lots of practical information like the department of motor vehicles listings for each country. Carry this atlas and you will have good mapping wherever you end up.

Key Features:

Covers 40 European countries.
Inlaid plans of 71 major cities in the indexes (i.e. Athens, Marseille, Madrid, Napoli, Porto, Rome, Rotterdam, and Zurich).
Tourist sights and scenic routes indicated.
Distance matrix which shows distances between major European cities.
Symbols indicating location of: scenic driving routes, places of interest, places of worship, tourist information centres, state-owned hotels, ruins and caves, windmills, golf courses, bullrings, gardens/parks and national parks, cemeteries, stadiums, swimming pools, views/vistas, shopping centres, harbours, lighthouses, airport, tube stations, coach stations, ferry services, post office, hospitals, covered markets, goverment buildings, museums, theatres and universities.
Multilingual key to symbols.
Alphabetical place name index listing country, page number and grid reference.
Separate countries/regions are colour-coded and have an overview map with page numbers at the beginning of each section.

The following scales are used:

1:1,000,000 for most of the Continent as indicated in colour on our coverage scan, except as below.
1:1,500,000 for Scandinavia: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden
1:2,800,000 for Iceland
1:500,000 for the Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
1:500,000 for Malta
1:700,000 for Cyprus
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