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Florida - Marco Polo*

Florida - Marco Polo*

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Kezdete: 2022.01.27   A készlet erejéig!
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148 pages
size: 108 x 191
Publication date: 1 Mar 2012
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Experience all Florida’s attractions with this up-to-date, authoritative guide, complete with ‘Best Of’ recommendations. You’ll find excellent hotels, authentic restaurants, the region’s trendiest places and get tips on shopping and what to do on a limited budget. Also contains: Travel with Kids, the Perfect Route, Travel Tips and Links, Blogs, Apps & more.

For many people Florida is a dream holiday destination. Its endless beaches provide the perfect escape for those locked in a cold northern winter, and for children its theme parks and rides are a dream come true. But alongside all the fun and high-tech, there’s another fascinating world to explore: from the Everglades wetlands to the Florida Keys archipelago, Florida is a paradise on earth.

With MARCO POLO Florida, you’ll discover the Sunshine State beyond the clichés. This practical pocket-sized guide takes you to all the well-known sights and attractions from Walt Disney World to Cape Canaveral. In Miami, the pulsating city with Caribbean flair, you can immerse yourself in the colourful nightlife, while in the Panhandle you can soak up a more Southern States atmosphere.

To help you discover the many aspects of the state, the ‘Perfect Route’ leads you to some of the most beautiful places. The Insider Tips reveal where in Key West you can feel the ‘Key Spirit’ or where in Miami you can swim like a movie star. Panels in each chapter suggest things to do if you’re on a tight budget and where to pick up some real bargains.

The ‘Best Of’ pages highlight some unique aspects of Florida, recommend places to go for free, and contain tips for how you can escape the heat and where you can relax and chill out. The Trips & Tours chapter takes you on a road trip along the Overseas Highway, cycling though the Panhandle and canoeing through the Everglades. Sports & Activities has numerous ideas from car racing to deep-sea fishing, while the Dos & Don’ts warn of those ‘purple plastic bags’ floating in the water that may well turn out to be something else altogether.

MARCO POLO Florida provides comprehensive coverage of the state. To help you get around there’s a detailed road atlas inside, useful city maps of Downtown Miami and Miami Beach in the backcover, plus a handy pull-out map.

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