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No.2: Stara Planina 2. (Uzana - Vratnik) turistatérkép - Domino

No.2: Stara Planina 2. (Uzana - Vratnik) turistatérkép - Domino

Termék internetes ára
4 990 Ft
Akció: 4 490 Ft
Kezdete: 2022.10.19   A készlet erejéig!
Termék kosárba helyezése
150 g/db
Rövid leírás a termékről
1:50 000
méret: 100x70

A termék tulajdonságai
Stara Planina Central: Uzana to Vratnik map at 1:50,000 from Bulgarian publishers Domino, contoured and GPS compatible, with hiking trails, accommodation options including a list of local mountain refuges, etc. The map is double-sided and covers the mountains from just west of the Uzana massif, the geographical centre of Bulgaria, eastwards to the peak of Vratnik. Additional information provided in this title includes a street plan of Bozhentsi indicating hotels, cafes, etc, plus a plan of the ETAR architectural and ethnographic complex, both with names and text in Bulgarian only.

Maps in the Domino series have contours (interval in most titles is 20m or 50m), enhanced by relief shading plus plenty of peak names and additional spot heights. Boundaries of national parks and other protected areas are marked. An overprint highlights both waymarked routes and unmaintained hiking trails. Although not specifically named on them, the maps can be used to follow local sections of the E3, E4 and E8 trans-European long-distance routes.

Road network is graded according to width, indicates locations of petrol stations, and includes local country tracks and paths. Railway lines are shown with stations. Symbols mark locations of hotels and holiday homes, campsites, mountain refuges, shepherd’s huts and hunting lodges, as well as various places of interest and natural sites. Names of towns, villages and main topographic features are in both Cyrillic and Latin alphabet; smaller peaks or rivers and streams are in Cyrillic only. The maps have latitude and longitude grid at intervals of 5’. Map legend includes English. Most titles also include a list of local mountain refuges with contact details.

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