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No.7: Nyugat-Rodope turistatérkép - Domino

No.7: Nyugat-Rodope turistatérkép - Domino

Termék internetes ára
4 990 Ft
Akció: 4 490 Ft
Kezdete: 2022.10.19   A készlet erejéig!
Termék kosárba helyezése
150 g/db
Rövid leírás a termékről
1: 100 000
méret: 100x70

A termék tulajdonságai
Western Rhodope Mountains at 1:100,000 on a contoured GPS compatible map from Domino extending from just west of the Pirin National Park to Asenovgrad in the north-east. The map is double-sided with a good overlap between the sides. Topography is shown by contours at 50m intervals with relief shading and spot heights, plus colouring for forested areas and boundaries of protected areas. Presentation of place names varies: names of larger towns are also shown transliterated, as are names of same geographical features, but not consistently throughout the whole map. Road network includes dirt roads or tracks and and shows locations of petrol stations. Railway lines are shown with stations or stops and mountain chair or ski lifts are marked. Picturesque locations are highlighted and symbols mark other sights, including isolated rocks over 20m high, mountain shelters and holiday homes, etc. The map also highlights a number of cross-country trails, presumably waymarked hiking routes, although neither the Bulgarian nor the English map legend makes it clear that this is the case. Latitude and longitude line are drawn at 10’ intervals. Also provided is a list of contact addresses for mountain shelters, campsites, etc.

Maps in the Domino series can be used to follow local sections of the E3, E4 and E8 trans-European long-distance routes, although these routes are not specifically named on them.

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