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Sweden Eyewitness Travel Guide

Sweden Eyewitness Travel Guide
  • Sweden Eyewitness Travel Guide

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352 pages
March 2020

125 x 217mm
Dorling Kindersley
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Sweden (Svédország) Eyewitness Travel Guide

Take a tour of the waterways, sample the delights of the smorgasbord, or swim in lakes and rivers ? this guide will lead the way.

From the fabulous Ice hotel in Swedish Lapland to the vibrant city of Stockholm ensure you don't miss a thing with this essential guide to Sweden.

Use the unique 3D models and full-colour maps to explore the country in depth.
Follow the street-by-street maps to find hidden cafes and bars.
Includes features on aspects of Sweden's culture, folklore and traditions.
Few European countries offer such diversity as Sweden, with its mountains, virgin forests and lakes, and the cosmopolitan cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. This guide covers every aspect of this varied country, from the simplicity of world-famous Swedish design to the exuberant Midsummer's Eve celebrations. With tips on where to enjoy an old fashioned Swedish sauna you can ensure that you will have a hot and steamy stay!

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