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Franciaország atlasz - Michelin

Franciaország atlasz  - Michelin

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spirál atlasz
méret: A4
1: 200 000

Pub Date : 02 Nov 2017
462 oldal

A termék tulajdonságai
This Michelin Road Atlas France has been revised and updated for 2016. It is a good scale at 1:200,000 and most of the minor roads are shown. This is an A4 size road atlas that has been spiral bound.

Key Features:

Scale 1:200 000 (3.16 miles to 1 inch - 2km to 1cm)
Symbols indicating road widths, steep hills and heights above sea level, difficult or dangerous roads.
Weight Limits Shown
40 Town plans
Motorway Fuel and Rest Areas
Toll Roads Shown
Tourist Information Centres Shown

There are 40 town centre plans, including detailed Paris city plans, to help you find your way around busy town centres. A route planner detailing major routes, ferries and airports is included and there is a distance and journey times chart between 50 destinations.

Who should buy this atlas? Michelin mapping is great is you require detailed information to allow you to make an informed choice while navigating your route. It has essential information such as width and height restrictions and other road safety information. If you are after more simplified mapping for route planning alongside your Sat Nav system then AA Road Atlas France will be a good choice.

Stopping enroute in France? Be sure to also pick up All the Aires France to find great places to stay along the way!
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