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Seychelles - Bradt

Seychelles - Bradt

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6th edition
Published: 07 Jun 2021
224 pages

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This new sixth edition of Bradt's Seychelles has been fully updated and remains the most comprehensive English-language guide to the country, with information on the biodiversity of the islands and updates on the conservation efforts (over 40% of the Seychelles' land is under environmental protection), presented in an easy-to-read format. New for this edition are expanded details of the many accommodation options, from many hotels that have recently been refurbished to higher standards and Felicites luxurious resort, to the growing number of B&Bs and small guest houses that offer a more authentic Seychellois experience. New places covered include the Outer Islands of Alphonse, Astove and Cosmoledo, while new practical information covers all the latest updates on getting around and details the significant increase in Marine Protected Areas.
With plants and animals historically linked to Africa, Madagascar and Asia, and marine life native to the tropical Indo-Pacific region, the Seychelles is a haven for those interested in natural history. The authors provide fascinating coverage of the islands' fauna and flora, from mangroves and turtles to birds and nature reserves. Updated throughout, the guide reveals the islands many secrets, from coco de mer palm forests and bird sanctuaries to local markets and Creole cuisine. This new edition not only provides up-to-date details of where to stay, eat and relax, but also where the to find the world's tiniest tree frog and how to visit Bird Island to see the world's largest tortoise.
Beaches, snorkelling and diving among the coral reefs, wildlife, sailing, festivals, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Vallee de Mai and hiking in the mountains. all are covered in Bradt's Seychelles, making it an ideal companion for a dream holiday.
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